My Thoughts October 12, 2021

What or Who is an LPO?

Exactly what is an LPO?

LPO is short for Limited Practice Officer in Washington State. Selecting and preparing forms that affect the rights of others is considered the practice of law in Washington State.  Limited Practice Officers (LPOs) are authorized to select and prepare forms approved by the Limited Practice Board within the limitations of the LPO license.  LPOs have completed testing and other requirements, to be licensed by the Washington State Supreme Court under Rule 12 of the Admission and Practice Rules (APR).   Some of the approved forms include Bargain and Sale Deed, Statutory Warranty Deed, Subordination Agreements and Satisfaction of Judgments.  LPOs are not allowed to provide legal advice regarding any legal documents.   The LPO test is grueling; 4 hours long, including selection and completion of appropriate documents for a mock closing and with less than a 38% pass rate in the last 5 years.